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Awesome farmed animal sanctuary home to 300 formerly neglected and abused cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits and turkeys in Grass Valley, CA. Perfect place to visit, volunteer, and intern!
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Beyond Meat is offering a free pallet of their animal-friendly Beast Burgers to burger joints!

A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who keep coming out to help with the 2,000 hens rescued from a cages earlier this month!

We continue needing help with daily and nightly care!

Sign up to volunteer here:

(Our Rescue Ranch facility is in Vacaville, CA)

Happy Monday! Watch this fun video of truly happy sanctuary cows being moved to a new pasture!

Have you seen our video of Panda, the formerly-burned-steer, and best bud Jazzy meet the cow herd for the first time? It’s pretty adorable!

Veganism is going mainstream in New York City, and all over the world!

Rozanne is all about getting her vitamins! She gets her vitamin D by sun-bathing, an important behavior denied to most hens on egg farms.

"A new study of a small group of workers at industrial hog farms in North Carolina has found that they continued to carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria over several days."

Another way meat industries are a hazard to human health. Don’t support the companies causing the problems - Veganism is the solution.

This could be you! Join us November 22nd for our annual Thank the Turkeys celebration - where turkeys are the honored guest and you feed them pies!

You get fed too, with delicious catered food from Sanctuary Bistro/ Local Love Catering!

Order tickets here:

National coverage of the Mercy for Animals investigation of a New Mexico dairy farm that supplies milk to the world’s LARGEST maker of mozzerella cheese.

This is what happens when living beings are viewed as milk machines. Ditch dairy - Go Vegan.

“Most women are aware that animals have been used to test products, but many may not realize that their current favorite makeup played a role in the torture of rabbits or mice” - Santosh Krinsky.

Check out her 3 tips for shopping Cruelty-Free from Vegan Magazine: