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Vegan Eats is my weekly homage to vegan stuff I deem fit for human and canine consumption (because my dogs are my poison testers).

True story: When I saw the VEGAN HARVEST label as I passed by the natural foods freezer section, I backpedaled right into the person traveling too close behind me. She was annoyed by this behavior, but I proudly proclaimed, “It says vegan!” This only works with other vegans who will gladly share in your joy.

Saw the word vegan and was all yes please

I support American Flatbread’s vegan pizza because, according to their ingredients, they use “good mountain water”. I don’t want any of that crappy water stuff.

At the store I shop, the pizza sells for $8.00. That is pretty expensive, considering the pizza feeds one person (if you are me and cool). My boss told me she got it for $4.00 at another natural food store, which was just depressing for my wallet.

In any event, the pros: PIZZA! VEGAN! Cheese melts. You can add whatever you want to it. Cooks quickly (except when your oven takes a half-century to pre-heat).

The cons? EXPENSIVE! FEEDS ONLY ONE! A bit salty, but this is only a con if you are a weirdo who hates salt. I am totally normal and will eat salt straight out of a salt shaker.

If you can afford to do so, I say, in this case, support the non-vegan company venturing forth into the fine and amazing world of vegan products. Especially when they put vegan in green bold-faced font on their packaging.

-Marji Beach, Education Manager

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